Monthly Archives: February 2012

The most interesting man in the world…


One of the favorite parts of my business is meeting … and getting to know … some very interesting men and women. At times, it’s made me want to exclaim, “How does the world not KNOW about you??”

But here’s what I’ve learned … EVERYONE has a story to tell. And personal stories are fascinating. For example, I’ve met a man who is both an accomplished chef AND a retired professional opera singer. He’s combining those unique talents in a themed dinner presentation called Food for Love.

Another chance acquaintance told me of his dad … one of the few people in this world who repair ships’ compasses. What a unique talent!

There are plenty of entertaining biographies written about people of fame. But I’m betting the entrepreneurs in our own communities have captivating stories to tell as well.

I want to hear yours. I want to write yours. I want everyone to read yours.

Donna Parrey