Refresh your business with content that is professionally prepared, engaging and effective

Web site content

  • Articles for your Web site’s Resource Center: Add credibility to your Web site with relevant content that provides value to your site visitors.
  • Blog entries: Stay in touch with your customers and site visitors through regular blog posts that share your thoughts, your insight and your personality.
  • Case studies: Highlight company success stories that show how you’ve solved a customer’s problem.
  • Landing pages/squeeze pages/order pages for Web site: Ensure that your Web pages attract visitors, keep them interested and spur them to action.
  • Scripts for audio buttons on Web site: Let your Web site visitors hear your expertise, not just read about it.
  • Scripts for embedded video of a Web site spokesperson: Add a “spokesperson” who speaks your scripted words, a great way to make an impact with customers.
  • White papers: Share your business know-how in an impressive white paper.

Communications Strategies

  • Email campaigns (headlines/body): Really reach potential customers with e-mail headlines that grab their attention and text that drives home your message.
  • Email tips (prove continual value to customers): Use this simple strategy to share your expertise and keep your image in front of customers.
  • Newsletter articles: Provide quality content in a regularly-published company newsletter.
  • Company profiles: Shine the spotlight on a key customer periodically.

Marketing Solutions

  • Banner ads (SEO): Use smart advertisements that ensure search engine optimization.
  • Google ad word campaigns (SEO): Embark on a mission to get your company noticed by using search engine optimized ad campaigns that follow the Google rules.
  • E-books: Market your expertise by publishing an e-book.

Publicity Tools

  • Articles for publication in industry magazines/journals: Expand your presence through authoritative business articles that showcase your expertise.
  • Columns (recurring): Publish a weekly, monthly or quarterly column that provides a platform for your company.
  • Press releases: Garner media attention with well-written business news that puts your company in the spotlight.
  • Stories of satisfied customers: Interview customers for first-hand descriptions of how your company made a positive impression.


  • Editing/proofreading: Make certain that your documents sparkle with impeccable grammar, spelling and punctuation.
  • Scenarios for strategic thinking and problem solving: Jumpstart creative thinking in your company and let scenarios help you solve business problems and plan for the future.
  • Webinar scripts:  Offer a Webinar to share knowledge and expertise in a carefully scripted production.

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