See what others are saying about Write Brain Wordsmiths’ Editor-in-Chief Donna Parrey:

“As editor-in-chief of Diversity MBA Magazine, I have a lot of content to keep track of, so it is enormously helpful to me when I find someone who delivers what she promises and does it on time. Donna Parrey is that type of writer. I contracted with her to prepare complicated content that involved gathering a lot of information from a number of corporate sources and putting it into an article that followed a prescribed format. It took a great dedication to detail and accuracy. Donna delivered, and them some — in fact, I asked her to take on another, similar article for the same issue, and she delivered on that, too. I would gladly contract with her again.” – Dan Holly, Editor, Diversity MBA Magazine, (919) 771-7911

“Our company worked with Donna on a wide variety of projects including e-book writing, direct response marketing, script writing, and industry articles and white papers. Donna was incredibly easy to work with, asked all the right questions and produced content that was spot on.  She created a series of articles for our Mastering Wireless Sales resource center, and the content was relevant and engaging. Donna quickly grasped our business goals and our voice. She is diligent, timely and produces great copy and results in a wide variety of styles.  I would highly recommend Donna for any project large or small.” – Kevin Killoran, Vice President, Retail Business Development

“Donna … is extremely well-read, intelligent, and dependable, and built a research team of consummate professionals, as she is. She also edited my book, contributing importantly to its attainment of “best seller” status. She is experienced and skilled as a researcher, writer, project manager, and the recruiting/hiring/training/management of others. I recommend her very highly.” – Jim MacDougald, Chairman and CEO, The Free Enterprise Nation

“I am pleased to be able to offer a recommendation for Donna. I highly regard her skills in content management, editing and facilitation of the publication process. She has edited my writing to meet the length and style requirements for the business web-based Institute for Corporate Productivity, smoothly discovering the best way to strengthen the key message and remove all unnecessary context. I would hire Donna to manage any editorial work with the certainty that her professional approach will achieve the desired goal.” – Lucille Maddalena, Ed.D., SPHR, Writer, Author and Editor, MTM Leadership

Donna is “…a very conscientious and organized person. She’s also a fine writer, a good researcher, and imaginative scenario planner.” – Mark Vickers, former VP, Research, Institute for Corporate Productivity

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