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Customer surveys: Well, if you ask me…


Silly me. I went to an outdoor spa experience and neglected to bring a towel. I strolled through the gift shop, willing to pay for my forgetfulness but was stunned that the only towels stocked were cheap Florida tourist towels. I would have gladly paid a handsome price for a thick, quality towel with the spa logo on it.

This was important information for that business owner to know. I mentioned it to the sales clerk, but somehow I doubted it would ever make it back to the person who needed to hear it.

Do you ask for your customers’ opinions, comments and suggestions? And, if so, how? Like me, you’ve probably been to plenty of restaurants that asked you to fill out a customer comment card. Quality of food? Speed of service? Pleasantness of staff? Those ratings may have some value to the owner and managers, but do they really go far enough?

I’ve spent a lot of time writing, analyzing and reporting results of surveys and, while the statistics can provide a quick snapshot, the most interesting feedback has always come from the write-in comments.

I found myself leaving the spa and still wanting to find a blank line in which to write, “Add logo towels to your gift shop inventory … I would have bought one today.”

Donna Parrey