Keeping the Customer Connection


I heard that June is National Effective Communication month which got me to thinking about my various inboxes. While I like to grouse about the volume of e-mail I receive, the truth is most of it is there because I invited it in via my sign-ups, my sales orders, my browsing or some other passing indication that I had an interest in that particular business.

Yet some of those e-mails I delete without reading, some I give no more than a cursory glance, and others I look forward to. Hmmm … why is that, I wondered. It seems the ones that draw me in rather than repel me have a few things in common. They’re expected. They’re short. And they’re useful.

One of my favorites is a “daily tip” format. Another is a weekday offering with an easy-to-remember name. Think along the lines of “Tuesday’s Tip” or “Wednesday
Web Finds” or “Free Advice Friday.” I know I’ll only spend a minute reading it, so there’s no hesitation in opening it.

While some firms may have customers that place daily or weekly orders, others conduct business less frequently. How do you ensure that an “occasional” customer thinks of you when that sporadic need arises? How do you up the chances that such a customer thinks of you when an acquaintance has a similar need?

The right answer for you might be a regular e-mail campaign … something that reminds your infrequent customers that you’re out there and that you have the expertise they need.

Make it memorable. Make it brief. Make it impressive.

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