Don’t let your blog deteriorate into a blah, blah, blog!


You have a wealth of knowledge! Don’t be afraid to share it with your Web site visitors. So many business owners tell me they’re afraid of “giving away the farm” with their blogs. Instead, they think it’s safer to just rattle on about common business topics simply for the sake of having a new post. There seems to be a reluctance to put personal expertise into words that are free for the world to see.

But what better way to demonstrate your value to current and potential customers than to give them a peek at the many nuggets of knowledge you’ve acquired? No, you don’t need to share the business-shaping strategies that define your platform … just pick out an issue that is important to your industry and discuss it.

Add your insight. Use your unique voice. And do it on a regular basis.

Let your site visitors get to know you as a resource they’ll want to tap into again and again!

Donna Parrey

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